Positive Women Inc. is a support organisation for Women and Families living with HIV and AIDS. We are also involved in HIV advocacy, awareness and destigmatisation.

Women represent the invisible face of the HIV and AIDS epidemic. These are women who lead the very usual life of the average woman. Women who run households, cook dinner, have jobs, raise families and have grandchildren. Often these women look after sick partners and keep everything together.  

News at Positive Women

Adult Education Day
Come to our second Community Sexual Health workshop on Sunday 28th September, 1:30 - 3:30. This workshop is geared towards adults and covers topics such as how to discuss sexuality with your teenagers and how to navigate sexual health with differing cultural p[perspectives.










2014 HIV Women's Seminar 
This year's seminar was well attended and well received. You can read the presentations from the day here.

Gardasil Vaccine is Now Free for People Living with Diagnosed HIV Aged Under 26
Check out the article here

We Did It! Female Condoms Finally Given the Stamp of Approval in NZ
Positive Women Inc. is very pleased to announce that Tony Ryall, Minister of Health has approved an amendment to the Contraception, Sterilisation, and Abortion Act 1977 to allow for the sale of female condoms within New Zealand. Read the full press release here

Article on Female Condoms making a Comeback
When an article about female condoms appears in the "Life & Style" section of a news site, you know it's inching closer to the mainstream and to acceptance! PWI was way ahead of the curve on this one. Click to read the article on stuff.co.nz here

Paper Dolls Presented to Parliament
On Friday 7th March, Positive Women Inc. presented 200+ paper dolls in support of bringing female condoms to New Zealand to Labour MP Carol Beaumont. The presentation was made on the steps of Parliament early in the morning. This presentation marks the culmination of our three year long Paper Doll campaign. Read the media coverage here.